Inspection Required at the part level?

I have a couple parts that are going through our inspection queue, but when I look at the part class for these parts, inspection required is not set. I’m thinking we may be able to specify if inspection is required for a given part at some other level, possibly at the part level. Could someone point me in the right direction as to which flags in which screens govern if a part goes through inspection when it is received?

There is a Db field on Part that indicates Inspection required. its typically hidden from part maintenance though. There is a hierarchy that determines inspection required. see at the bottom of the field help.


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You can also set Receiving Inspection Required on the Supplier level record. In the past, the flag on the Part record did not actually set the field on Purchase Orders created for the part… Epicor has threatened several times to make it happen but I haven’t seen it work yet. Make sure you test it!

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WHAT?! Since when? We don’t care anymore, but I know it sure would have been nice to know 4 years ago.

Not sure when it was added. I didnt know either until @Ernie showed me 2 years ago.

@embedded There is also an Inspection Required flag on Part Class:

May have been done on the Supplier level or directly in the PO for that part.

Vinay Kamboj

It was actually available in E9, but there was no logic attached to it… in 10.0 (still no default logic) I wrote a BPM to activate it on Purchase Orders if the part was flagged. I haven’t had to try and use it since, so I can’t say for sure if they’ve fixed the plumbing yet.