Installation/Configuration Troubleshooting Resource needed

I've got a colleague at another company who's in a world of hurt right now. They dropped Epicor Tech Support a couple years ago, so they're running unsupported right now. They recently had a failure of their computer hard drives, and found out the hard way that the company that did their backups didn't really know what they were doing.

Right now, they were able to send their hard drives out and have them restored. They've got a mirror image of their Epicor drives (including the database files in the Epicor db folder), but when they restored the system, Epicor is not working. And it appears the management console is also not working. It's beyond my capability to help them without the involvment of tech support - which since they don't have maintenance is not an option.

So, if you're a real techie and can work through things like a restoration, progress installation and restoring a datafile, know how to configure the management console, etc - all without the help of tech support - please contact me offline with your availabity and rates. I'll put you in touch with this company.


Kevin Simon