Installer Help Please

Hi All,

I need help really bad please, been trying to work with Epicor but am getting no where, when I try and install Epicor form the installer we have been using im getting the below error. I downloaded a new installer but am still getting the error, anyone know what the issue is?

System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
at Epicor.ISV.ClientInstaller.Services.InstallerController.DownloadFile(Uri origin, String target)
at Epicor.ISV.ClientInstaller.Services.InstallerController.DownloadClientZipFiles()
at Epicor.ISV.ClientInstaller.Services.InstallerController.DownloadClientFiles()
at Epicor.ISV.ClientInstaller.Services.InstallerController.InstallClient()
at Epicor.ISV.ClientInstaller.Services.InstallWindowController.ExecuteInstallation()

You can get the most recent installer rom EpicWeb. You will need credentials. The link should be something like:

I already did that still same thing

Escalate your case, and make support take care of it. If you can close the case, and submit a fully negative review, then a support specialist will be assigned. That can sometimes work.
Good luck!