Integrated table workbench

Hello everyone,

In one of my company, when I tried to open the integrated table workbench, It took around 30 minutes to open. So one can imagine how much values will be there in workbench.

I wanted to delete all those values at once.
It is not getting deleted by the option “actions menu-> delete by group”.

Does anyone has idea how to delete those?

Any help would be great.


Hi Rishi,

If you run the multi-company process in the from location and to location, this should naturally clear these down. Alternatively, if you do need to delete them rather than process them you can get a datafix for these if needed I believe. You would need to run a query on the IntQueIn and IntQueOut tables to get the dataset.


Also, note that with each multi-company process run it pushes 500 records at a time, so you need to run the process accordingly.

@Connor can you help us out with the datafix process too?

Sure, it goes something like this:
Log a case on the EpicCare portal, include the dataset in excel which you want deleted. Say which tables these are.
Get datafix from Epicor Support
Back up test environment with the live database (which has this issue)
Add Datafix do the test DB through admin console
Test the datafix via Datafix workbench and that there are no adverse effects on any of your processing relating to this fix
Add fix file to live db admin console
Run the datafix via datafix workbench in live.



We will try it .! :+1: