Intendet BOM total demand

Hi all,

Need your help. I need to build BAQ to drill down the bom and to get how much metal needed in total to build the top level part. So I have CTE baq which has been build by documentation and now I have intended bom but every line shows how many material needed for every part but the question is how to calculate total demand for part x-sheet if in level 2 we need to build HINGE and for that we need 1 Kg x-sheet, but on level one we will use 2 HINGES to build DOORS so that means that if we want to build top level part we need: 2 hinges * 1Kg x-sheet = 2Kg x-sheet (Total demand)

Are you trying to recreate the Availability report?




Sort of, looks like this report checks onhand and shows
how much will be the shortage. I am trying to build BAQ which would provide total sheet metal demand for given list of BOMS. Seem I made it work bay adding in to CTE cast ( PartMtl.QtyPer as nvarchar(25)) and to Union ALL cast ( SubQuery1.Calculated_QtyMultiply * PartMtl1.QtyPer as nvarchar(25)) but why it does not accept direct field value without adding CAST?
By the way Availability report is quite good, did’nt knew about this.