Intercompany drop-ship and serial numbers

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I am trying to use the drop-ship functionality with an intercompany PO. It all works fine but the serial numbers are not created on the drop-ship. Am I missing something ? Any ideas on how to make it work ?

More details: I have a customer SO in the buyer company linked to an IC PO using buy-to-order and drop-ship. The IC PO has a correspondent IC SO in the seller company. When I ship the IC SO, a drop-ship is automatically created in the buyer company but it does not have the serial numbers, just the quantities. Looks like the serials are not created at all.

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The drop ship isn’t an inventory transaction. There is no creation of serial numbers. I had to create a dashboard that would show serial numbers that shipped. IIRC, the serial numbers show up on the invoice, just not in the system.

Unfortunately, the serials don’t show up on the AR invoice and that is my main issue with this.
I was under the same impression that the drop-ship isn’t an inventory transaction but… if you use a non-intercompany PO for this, it doesn’t even let you save the drop-ship line without entering the serial numbers! So you can have serials on the drop-ship but not if the PO is intercompany. So I’m thinking maybe there’s a setting somewhere or a workaround for this ?

All my tests so far regarding this issue are making me think it is possible to add the serials after the drop-ship is created. I’m thinking a data-directive BPM on DropShipDtl table. Anybody here that did that ? Is it working ?

Hi Dragos,

we just scope multi-company/intercompany and we have the same issue. We a lot of drop shipments of both SN and lot tracked parts.Our research shows, that neither SNs or lots are created on IC drop shipment receipt in the buying company. One could open the drop shipment and re-enter the SNs and lots but that it against what we want. But this would require that the sending company needs to forward their packing slip to the buyer company–and it’s against what we originally want (IC drop shipments to be received automatically w/o any receiver action required).

We are scoping with our consultants, whether a BPM could be set up in the sending company to create SNs and lots in the buyer company when the packing slip for an IC drop shipment order is shipped out. But I this will require some thoughts (e.g. what if the packing slip will be re-opened and SNs/lots are changed? How to deal with the records already created on the buyer’s side?..)

We decided to delay using IC drop-ships for a while so I stopped the work on this. From my tests, you can have a BAQ that lists all the serials from the buyer company and then a BPM that calls it and adds the serials in the other company. There were some issues with the pack numbers (can’t remember exactly what) and with the SN transactions - the BPM was creating MAINT SN transactions instead of the drop-ship ones (like PUR-DRP or DRP-CUS).
Also, the main reason we delayed is that you can only use IC drop-ship once. If you have 3 inter-companies and want to do 2 drop-ships like Company1 to Company2 and another one Company2 to Company3, it doesn’t work the second time.