Intercompany- unapproved Purchase Order

Hi Experts,

There is a sales order with one line item and we made this item Buy To Order in the SO Release and select the intercompany supplier. After that, we clicked on the Capable To Promise button under the Action menu and completed the activity. A new purchase order is created with the status Approved.

Could you please suggest, how to make the Purchase Order unapproved automatically when the end-user click on the Capable To Promise button.

Thanks in advance.

In Company configuration under Order tab, If you disable this checkbox as shown below, the record will be available in the PO suggestion.
While generating PO from suggestion, you can select the required buyer, depending on the PO limit of the buyer, PO status will be updated.


@prash172, As per end-user requirement we have to reduce the number of steps and clicks. Is there any other alternative solution?

For eg., if PO is for inter-company then Approval Matrix will not flow, and if it is for the same company then the approval matrix will flow as per PO mount.

Thanks in advance.