Intermec CK71 hand held computer Epicor Login too Small

Thank you Mr. James. 

I will start with adjusting the scaling to see how that works.

Thanks for the tip,


We have an Intermec CK71 Handheld computer and we are having a scaling issue with the Epicor application.

We setup a Terminal Server to run the Epicor HandHeld interface. That works fine when we login from the server.

We configured the Intermec RemoteDesktop application to login to our Terminal server and everything works.  However the login and application windows are waaaaaaay to small to be used on the Intermec handheld.

I tried many combinations of the "Use Full Screen" and "Fit Remote Desktop to screen" and none seem to be doing the trick.

I have two scanners and one was working fine and the other had this scaling issue.  I downloaded and updated the firmware on both scanners and now BOTH have the scaling issue.  Aaaaaaarg!

Has anyone battled with this issue in the past?

Thanks for any help.

Dave Olender (DaveO)

Ph: 651-246-3281

You might already be doing this, but we have the CK71 scanners here too, and we use the actual handheld screen of epicor. All you need is a -HH. It should look like this for your application icon.

C:\Epicor\ERP10.0Client\Client\Epicor.exe /config=Epicor10.sysconfig -HH

As to the scaling if its just scaling in Epicor then most likely its a setting with a theme or something. Go into the sysconfig file and try setting it back to default and see if that helps. If it does then you know something has been changed.

You have a few options: 

The Epicor resolution was to scale the HH application, which isnt particularly elegant, you'll loose the GUI, so I'll skip that and you can search for that if you want. 

Josef's solution was to modify the RD application to a subsystem version below 5.0 so the application is not Hi-Res aware and can fill a VGA screen.  There is a download half way down the page that you can replace the standard RD app with. 

Of course, you'll find the Epicor HH form doesn't fill the entire CK71 screen even after you get the correct resolution, so you may want to customize that to fit your screen in the future. Form size would be 240,320.