International Shipment - Subcontract Operations; Paperwork

We have a part with a subcontract operation to an international subcontractor. We ship 3 components and the subcontractor returns the finished part.

Our issue is the paperwork coming out of Epicor and Manifest (Quick Ship). I have a call open with both parties and they are being flagged as enhancement requests.

In the meantime, I need accurate paperwork so these don’t get hung up in customs or values overstated. I could customize the SSRS subcontract report to show components. Manifest/Quick Ship has Crystal Reports and I could probably customize those too, but the wrong data would be sent through the system

Anyone else in this situation or have a workaround so Manifest/Quick Ship would provide correct paperwork, freighting, etc.? (I’m hoping the only answer isn’t splitting the components out into 3 different subcontract operations - since the supplier is performing 1 operation to assemble the 3 parts).


could you create a misc shipment in Quick Ship Pro or Manifest to combine the subcontactor shipments and get the international paperwork that way while you wait for the enhancement to be completed.

Good suggestion – I will take a look at those.