Intrastat in Epicor 9

This request is to Companies that operate within the European Union and are required to send an Intrastat return. In the UK, there are turnover thresholds that have to be exceeded for supplying this data (Arrivals £600k, Dispatches £250k in the UK). I have a client that is required to account for Dispatches only, so I want to switch off Intrastat collection in AP. Could not find a way of doing this (e.g. via blanking arrivals defaults in Co. Config, setting up an AR and AP "country" etc.) mainly because of the requirements of the VAT100 report. Placed call with Epicor, who just sent me set-up instructions (which I knew already!) and said 9.05.701 has "intrastat enhancements" (which I can't find after trawling through the Release Notes).
So, has anybody any suggestions for this? Perhaps a BPM that populates AP Intrastat data with dummy codes?