Invalid JobNum in DB

Somehow we have 2 JobNum’s in our system that are invalid. These jobs are both split jobs, and when they were split the user inadvertently put a space at the beginning of the JobNum field. Now, when running any JobStatusAdapter or JobOperSearchAdapter queries, it errors out because of that space at the beginning.

Does E10 have any method for me to go and change these job numbers to get rid of that leading space?

EDIT: I should also note that both of these jobs are closed, if that makes any difference.

Assuming the jobs have related transactions?
I’m thinking you’re stuck with those job numbers “as is”.

But have you contacted Epicor… as this almost sounds like an E10 bug rather than your JobNums being invalid? Maybe they can/have developed a fix?

I haven’t contacted Epicor yet. I try here first, as the response is usually much quicker than Epicor directly :slight_smile:

I have worked out a fix for now as well. Simply adding a “JobNum NOT LIKE ’ %’” to the WhereClauses works for now to hold me over.