Invalid Warehouse for This Site

We just recently upgraded from to 2021.2.17. In the old system we had no issue using Inventory Transfer to move inventory between shared warehouses in separate sites/plants. In the new one we are receiving an “Invalid Warehouse for This Site” when selecting the shared warehouses from either site. Has Epicor removed or changed this functionality for some reason or is this a known bug?

I would verify in Part Entry that all of the warehouses are listed first.

I believe we had someone experiencing something similar last week.

I was incorrect, it was something else entirely :rofl:

Thanks Lisa. They are all listed. I even shared all the rest of the warehouse just to make sure it wasn’t a problem with that specific one and tried from both sites. Same issue. I get that error message as soon as I select the shared warehouse from the drop-down menu.

To make this even stranger I found out I can do the transfer through a DMT without receiving any error.

Hi Jason, we just went form 10.2.700 to 2022.2 and we’re having the same issue. Couldn’t see anything in Epicare’s KB. Did you find a solution or explanation for this?

The code uses two queries, if both come back empty it will throw the error mentioned in the original post:

  1. A record exists in table PlantWhse for the Company, Site/Plant, PartNum and WhseCode you are trying to use.
  2. PlantShared is joined to PartWhse using Company and WarehouseCode, the Company/Site/WsheCode needs to be found in PlantShared and PartNum in PartWhse.

Unfortunately no there has been no final solution for this issue. @Jonathan, I ran both queries you mentioned here for a single part. Both returned records and I still receive the error when trying to transfer it.

Yes, I had posted about this issue as well. The answer is to use the DMT, however, you need to have Duplicated Part records, for each Warehouse. It would be better if they added the ability to add All Warehouses via one string separated by the “~” like other DMT Multiple records, like Security Groups for instance. There should really be a global setting on the Site to allow you to override this so ALL Warehouses could be used on ANY part like in the older version of Epicor imho.

There is an Open Kinetic Idea for this, and I recommend voting on these:
KNTC-I-1916 “Allow for a warehouse to be inactivated on a part record”
KNTC-I-1916 “The DMT tool template builder should have db.field references.”
KNTC-I-3114 “DMT - Allow for defined delimiter”

The only other thing that I can think of, and it is a “dirty” way of transferring, is to create a job.

List the part required and ensure it is pointing at the Plant / Warehouse you want to transfer to.
Add an op to put parts into stock and add the same part as a material, but pulling from the Plant/ warehouse you want to take from.

Issue the parts to the job, complete the 1st op and do a job receipt to inventory into the new plant/warehouse and close the job.

I hope this helps