Inventory COS/WIP Report

Dear experts , We are facing one issue while creating new PO’s for Other types. Debit side entry is missing in the Inventory COS/WIP report after receiving the material for your reference report is attached.

Thanks in advance.

Epicor’s Hierarchy for the debit side of a PUR-UKN is below. Maybe some additional setup needs done?

  1. Inventory account from Part Class GL Control on the PO
  2. Expense account from Supplier’s Supplier GL Control
  3. Expense account from Supplier’s AP Account GL Control
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Recommendation: Setup a part class for misc items (PUR-UKN)

Buyers will not maintain GL accounts at the release level, so a Part Class will take care of that (that includes to setup a GL Control for part class to be allocate against an expense account)

As long as the buyer uses a part class you are good to go.

For this specific record, just reopen PO,Line and Rel, go to GL account at the release and manually allocate a GL, that should solve your current problem


I have tried but getting same issue.

I have tried but getting the same issue.

Is there a review journal?

Someone has modified the COS and WIP posting rule. Once we Active the Std posting rule its working fine.