Inventory Posting

Dear Experts,

While doing the month end activity, We identified that some of the Parts- Cost Adjustment no posted to GL. End user did the following activities for newly created parts

  1. Quantity Adjustment

  2. Cost Adjustment

  3. Capture COS/WIP Activity

Cost Adjustment doesn’t post to GL for your reference screenshot and Part Transaction History tracker detail is attached.

Cost Adjustment.xlsx (15.3 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Can you run the wip reconciliation report for the 7-20 for unposted transactions only and see if the cost transactions are still appearing on the report?

We are FIFO cost, the ADJ-CST transactions that don’t post are related to "A"verage costing transactions (CostMethod column).

Here’s a breakdown of our 3 companies (All FIFO):

Company PostedToGL CostMethod TotalRecords
C1 False A 27148
C1 True F 27065
C2 False A 2232
C2 True F 2255
C3 False A 16334
C3 True F 16836

It looks like all of our A records came from our from Cost Adjustments on inventory. We have them show up, but they don’t appear in the WIP Recon report. I’m not sure why cost adjustments perform an A record when we strictly FIFO.

The transactions with non zero ExtAmt , Inventory = true and GLTrans = true, different debit and credit account (STK-STK ) only will be posted to GL. It looks like Lot Tracked part but cost adjustment was not against the lot number.

@Doug.C Cost adjustment transaction for FIFO parts will be adjusted through Average Cost bucket. That’s the reason system creates PartTran records with Average as well. Each Plant/Site can have different costing method but with one Costing ID.

I have run the WIP Reconciliation report & no record is appearing.

Is there anything in the review journal?

Nothing in the Review Journal.

What is your costing method? Could it be similar to what @Arul said?

WIP Recon uses the same posting engine as Capture COS/WIP. And neither will make a transaction when the Credit and Debit would be zero. So in that case, it wouldn’t appear on the WIP Recon report.

Were there non-zero cost values shown for the cost adj transactions, in the Part Tran history?


Just looked at you XLSX file and see that there is a cost.

I see that the format for the legal number is vastly different for the ADJ-QTY and the ADJ-CST trans. That something to look at?

@Hari_Dutt Its a lot tracked part. Check the costing method in PartPlant and do cost adjustment in Lot screen. Only Standard, Average and Last costing method are easy to adjust. Rest like FIFO, LotAverage and LOTFIFO has different ways to do the adjustment.

@Arul, We are using FIFO costing method.

@Hari_Dutt. It looks like cost adjustment was not done using FIFO bucket. If you are using FIFO, there will be two sets of transactions i.e one for Average and one for FIFO.

But how we can resolve this issue?

Cross check the reason code “CAPEX” is this mapped with correct GL control code with respective GL accounts.
If the GL account is correct, enter the cost adjustment with “zero” with the same process as done before.

Enter the cost adjustment by selecting the correct FIFO layer with the required cost.