Inventory Quantity Adjustment - With PartTran.JobNum field added

So we have a couple of types of tooling that:
Accounting does not want costs applied to the Job so we can’t issue them directly.
Nor do we want to add them to the routing and have to maintain them.
We purchase them to stock then make Quantity adjustments when we issue the items or cycle count.
ADJ-QTY transaction type
My tool crib person and Material Manager would like to see what jobs use these.
My Solution - Pending what the EPIUSERS think.
Open up the parttran.jobnumber field on the Quantity Adjustment Screen to be optionally filled out. I don’t believe Epicor Software will care if this field gets used for the ADJ-QTY transaction type.
I can then add a context menu dashboard to the PartNumber Field - “Quantity Adjustment Transactions” would list ADJ-QTY transactions for a part linking to JOBHEAD records for quantity ran and usage analysis.
Good Idea or Not So?

What about using the Issue Miscellaneous Material and having them put the Job Number in the Reference field. Then you could query that (or filter it on a Dashboard) so they could see what jobs used what material.

Were adding the Job Number now in the reference field on the Quantity Adjustment Screen. I will test the Issue Miscellaneous Material but won’t that apply costs to the job?

No because you are not issuing to a job. Adding the job number to the reference field is that, a reference. Many companies use this to remove inventory from stock if it is not used on a job. It should work perfect for your scenario and not any costs to the job.

Note that it won’t show up on a Production Detail Report because it is not “officially” issued to the job. You will need a special Dashboard to see them.

Thanks for the help, I’m customizing the Misc Inventory Issue screen by adding the parttran.jobnum so the job number can be used with context menus. Thanks for the help this should work perfect for us.

Awesome to hear, Patrick! Happy to help! :grinning: