Inventory Usage report gets additional rows


I am trying to use the Inventory Usage report from Epicor. When I select a specific part in the Filter section and preview the report, it shows data for all the parts that are sub-strings of the filtered part number(including the filtered part). For instance, if my filtered part number is 237-2, the report gets data for 237 as well as 237-2. However, if I filter using 237, it only gets the data for 237 because there is no part number in our system that is a sub-string of 237.

I would appreciate it if someone could help resolve this issue.


I’m not seeing that on 10.1.400.23

With Part 272 selected:

and with Part 272-2 selected:

We have this same issue was there any resolve on this? Did you file a ticket with support?

Yeah they have PRB0206401 out there for was reported in 10.2.200 with ERPS-99680 “Inventory Usage report filter brings in similar part classes when filtering for part classes.” and Epicor claims its fixed in 10.2.400. I assume this also covers “similar Part Numbers”

I can confirm it is fixed in 300.12

vs 200

However the query still returns the wrong number of records… but they clean it up after… #Inefficient but it works


Brings back any Parts or PartClasses which contain the filter within

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Fixed in and 10.2.300.4 per support

Did you tell them its not really fixed, its just covered up? :slight_smile: If those devs think thats okay, they will continue to use this technique and before you know it an entire ERP System 10yrs from now will make you want to switch to SAP or Sage it’ll be slow as snails

I spent a lot of time troubleshooting this and so did Jose I’m ready to leave the sleeping dog lay. There are Epicor folks on here if they see this they are more than welcome to bring this up to the appropriate folks.

PSA Something to be aware of when I sent in my database to Epicor for this they did use the latest version of my minor (so 10.2.200.xx) not the current version of my app server. I take issue to that when you are trying to troubleshoot on a customer database then at the least you should do on current version of customer and latest patch to see if the fix as been done along the way. It would have saved the support tech and myself 2 hours yesterday and whatever time he and the other folks spent on it off the phone prior to that. @aidacra is it normal that the latest point release is used on the customer database or was this unusual that they didn’t use my current version?

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You’re assuming their Devs don’t do the same thing :wink:

@hkeric.wci It can always be worse…