Inventory/Wip Recon (Only Unposted to the G/L)


When running an Inventory/WIP Reconciliation Report for items that are “Only Unposted to the G/L”, it can take a significantly long time for the report to export to PDF or CSV (which is how I would view them, mainly CSV). When using this report for “Unposted”, I am mainly trying to understand what activity is set to run through certain Expense accounts based on what has been received at our plants. So the specific transaction types I would like to isolate are “PUR-UKN” and “ADJ-PUR”.

Is it possible to create a dashboard with a date range that would isolate those transaction types, so I can download the fields that typically appear on the Inventory/WIP Reconciliation report into excel via CSV?

Thanks for your help!


Welcome to the group, Collin!

I don’t know your experience level, so I’ll throw some ideas out.

  1. The IWR is notoriously complex, so a dashboard might help, but it can never be 100% accurate. That’s because the IWR and an actual COS/WIP Capture both use the Posting Engine, which has its own 970-page manual. I’ll let you chew on that.

  2. If you gave some more details, we might be able to help with a specific problem you are seeing.

  3. ADJ-PUR… that’s unposted? I guess I’m a bit surprised as that comes from AP invoices, right? Invoices get posted immediately, so I assumed ADJ-PUR does, too. I certainly could be wrong, though.