Inventory/WIP Report - End Of Month Fun

Hello All,

Maybe you can help. I was helping out with some of the journal entries we were making to accounts and trying to explain the reasons why they were being made in hopes to change the behavior of the transactional process instead of correcting the result of bad processes with journal entries.

ANYWAYS… I found out that our INS-DMR transactions were debiting the raw materials inventory account and that dollar amount would sit in the inventory GL until the DMR was processed.

We don’t want the dollar value of DMRs, for any material, to ever reflect in an inventory GL account so we went and changed the DMR account on the GL control to the appropriate account “Inventory - Inspection.”

BEFORE I made this change, when I ran the inventory wip report I saw many INS-DMR transactions pop up. AFTER I made the change, they no longer show up.

I am running the inventory WIP report with a filter on transaction type of “INS-DMR…”

Why would the report all of a sudden stop printing the transactions after changing the account on the GL control? I confirmed that the changing of the GL control was definitely what did it, because if I change the value of the account field for the DMR action on the Part Class GL control code back to what it was, the transactions show up on the report again…

Is there some functionality that won’t show you transactions for which you changed the GL account on after they had been transacted??

In short, transactions were on the report, we changed an account on a GL control, now they don’t show up. I still see them in the parttran table… any ideas as to why?

What is the credit side of the (original) transaction? I’m assuming since it’s INS-DMR that you’re crediting Inventory - Inspection and then debiting either Inventory (your old GL control) or Inventory - Inspection (your new GL control). Epicor actualy does not show or post transactions that affect the same account on both sides of the transaction.

We have two GL accounts for “inspection” inventory: Inventory - Inspection which is everything on an open Nonconformance and then Inventory - DMR which is everything on an open DMR. Our STK-INS transactions are coded to credit Inventory and debit Inventory - Inspection, and our INS-DMR transactions are coded to credit Inventory - Inspection and debit Inventory - DMR.

That is exactly the reason they do not show anymore.

@utaylor WIP Recon is pre-posting, so it shows you what will happen when the posting is done, but if you change the control you can see what the change will be. The DMR account is an Inventory account because it is still in your hands until you reject it and even that account is Inventory until you send it back to the vendor.


Yeah, we are cool with it being inventory, but it was just the type of inventory that it was being classified as.

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