Invoice variances in ECM

We are launching ECM for AP Automation and are looking for ways to handle variances. Right now, we have the standard package which only looks at “header” information, not line, to match and have a couple of questions:

Which version are you using for AP Automation? Standard (header only) or Line (header and line)?

If you are using standard, how do you handle invoices that are billed for a quantity that doesn’t match the receipts (invoice quantity is less than or greater than the receipt quantity)?



We’re “standard”, and we don’t have a huge number of these, so they are basically in the queue until AP, Purchasing, Receiving, and the vendor can all agree on something. Then it’s processed the best we can. It usually is a change made to the receipt (b/c of a typo and to match what was sent) or the PO (a typo, to match the qty and/or unit price).

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@Beth We are v1 and I am working on v2. AP has learned which are the easy ones and which are going be a problem and send the easy ones thru in one group then work on the harder ones. We are completely automated for invoices that match under 5K so those are quick.

V2 has an actual variance allowance that I think will not stop them in ECM but push them into Epicor to be cleaned up.


We are on V2 with variances. When a variance occurs, per our workflow, it emails the buyer to take a look at it. The buyer then needs to try to see where the variance occurred and either correct it, then approve it or flat out deny the invoice. With our variances, we allow (per line) 2% variance or $250, whichever is less. Because we only have the standard version, it looks at the whole invoice total, not just the line. I’m not sure how much of an issue this is going to cause. Also, it looks like the miscellaneous charges from the PO are not being pulled in. There are a lot of surcharges that are causing variances.