Is anyone using Epicor to track livestock?

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Couldn’t agree more… but without the thundering herd, we’d all have to go out and find honest work.
Just sayin’…

So you’re saying to use Employee maintenance? :wink:

I find the terminology people use in different parts of the country interesting. Here in the midwest, we don’t use the term livestock. We simply call them employees.

“Horses” :thinking:

That’s what I was thinking too, but it must be a program with the horses. Let me clarify, I never doubted this was for actual horses, I was just confused as to what arizona correctional was doing with the horses.

This is absolute gold.

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@utaylor My dad was in corrections and there are all kinds of jobs depending on the location. The best ones are outside the walls. I had my car rebuilt and repainted when I was in college and only paid for the parts.

Horses seems a natural fit for an AZ location.