Is anyone using "What-If Scheduling" inside Quote Entry (on the Actions Menu)

I cannot find any real information, documentation, or help on the process although it seems very simple. I just need to make sure I understand the background on how it works compared to real scheduling (and What-If scheduling in the Scheduling module) so I’m not instructing my users incorrectly.

Did you ever find more information on this? We are looking to implement in 10.2.500.7. We get errors “record not found” when we try What If Scheduling in quote - so I can’t get as far to tell if the dates make sense comparing to methods and lead times.

no, we never did. however it looks like it simply works to estimate a completion date based on the current schedule - without creating the order/job.

The pre-requisite to use it is that the quote line has had the mfg details calculated by doing the Get Details process. That might be the cause of your error.