Is Epicor like an old banana?

E9 PC CLIENT Disappearing / Corrupting
I have a client who is experiencing an unusual behavior on a number of client PCs (E9.05.702)
Namely the local Epicor CLIENT has disappeared or been corrupted on 5 out of 8 of them
Some of them - more than once - over the past 4 months.

They basically re-install client to correct issue

Is Epicor like an old banana? does it go bad :slight_smile:

I’ve having the system admin check the PC system logs - but I can’t think of any thing that would cause this
except possible virus attack (really? and it affects ONLY epicor - not likely) or a possible scheduled network clean up process?? (none identified yet)

just wondering - has anyone experienced this before?

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Make sure the anti virus client is configured to exclude the client directory. Check AV application log to see if this is the culprit.


Thanks will check the AV - that is a reasonable suspect.

And now we’re just finding out one of the SERVERs may have a failing disk in their RAID
Although I am not sure how that would propagate to the Clients

I’ve seen odd things with clients before.

Things like a report or process will work on 1 machine but not another…(same securities / privileges)
The fix was to copy the client from the working pc onto the non working pc.
Why did it happen? …still don’t know!

Just spitballing… but any chance those clients are trying to update from the server, and removing existing files & directories is the issue? And then the update fails, leaving nothing.

Make a batch / script to echo the contents of that directory every 5 minutes.

DIR C:\Client803 >> log.txt
Sleep 300

(Obviously substitute your clients path)

When you realize the client folder is gone, stop the batch file and examine log.txt to see when it disappeared. Was it at a certain time like when AV runs? Or when the client was launched?

FYI - Update
I am waiting to get the official results.
but apparently two of the RAID disks on the Epicor App server were bad and are being replaced.
I am not sure of how to explain the effects of servers disk failure on an E9 client - but we’ll see.

Official RESULTS are IN
Goods news: The RAID disks on the Epicor App server were replaced.
bad news: Clients are still disappearing… :thinking:


I would look at how the client is deployed. Is it normally deployed using group policies, or has it been in the past? One of the settings on GPO is what to do when the gpo no longer applies - it can be set to remove, which could explain disappearing files.

thank you Mark - I will have the network admin check this out and reply back with results.
much appreciated.