Is it possible to create a custom menu item?

Hello all, I was wondering if it is possible to create just a blank form with nothing on it? My goal is to have two sheets on this form, with a different dashboard on each sheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

yes… you could create a dashboard, make it an assembly, add it to the menu, THEN CUSTOMIZE it… add whatever you want to your custom dashboard. Then go back to the menu and tell it to run your customized version.
Or, you could do the same with one of the UD01-UD110 screens… add the UDxxx program, customize it, etc.

@timshuwy, thanks for the reply! I have the dashboard set up like you mentioned, however I have not been able to add another sheet to it through the customization menu. Is it possible to have multiple sheet’s in a dashboard? That would save me a great deal of time.

well… maybe you are trying too hard? You can add multiple queries to a single dashboard without customizing… each query adds a new sheet/tab

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