Is it possible to get into APPS studio to modify the new Kinetic MES?

I have gone into Apps studio and searched for MES.
It brings up the Classic style MES with the Buttons.
Not the new one that works better.

Has anyone have success in getting into customization of MES?
I wanted to add a tab with a URL view.


Bruce - Change your URL to /home/#/?mode=MES

@Edge - is the “new” style MES going away or will there be two Kinetic screens available?


Kinetic 2021.1

BTW - Thanks for the link @Edge

(1) is the version of MES that is not customizable and will be going away it was an interim step on our journey but we have some customers using this and did not wish to interupt their operations. (2) is the go forward Data Collection version that can be customized in Application Studio.

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That’s too bad about the (1) version of MES - it was really a clean view of MES and I had a lot of positive feedback from customers.
When was this move announced? I missed hearing about this.
I will bring it up when presenting at my next EUG meeting.

With the Apps Studio - I guess I could put together a customized screen that would be similar.

Will want to move away from the 25 button model of MES from Vista 8.03 styling.


Where is the list of icon adders that gets you these differences?

From this post, I just realized I was am testing the old Kinetic MES and not the new one even though we are testing Kinetic 2021.1

Where is this information?

@bboes - I’m in discovery mode now…
three weeks from now should be a lot smarter.
I will give updates as I discover this

Did determine on the cloud only Pilot and Third have the Kinetic multi-button MES for the browser.

I do have the new MES URL working now in our third database. Thx Bruce.

Does anyone know how long the 10.2.700 Kinetic MES “old” version will stay around?

Hi Bruce please bring this up with the product management team we had a number of criticisms on this version due to the inability to customize and limited capabilities. The good news is you can easily turn things off you do not need with a layers and automate other aspects like label reprints and automatons now.