Is it possible to get into APPS studio to modify the new Kinetic MES?

Hi, Bruce.

Apologies for not replying earlier. Seems my epiusers notifications go right into spam after the little hiccup with them earlier in the year.

You are correct to use solution workbench. It can help you move application studio layers between environments.

Regarding full license consumption, the fix for this is already through QA and is scheduled to go out with the next release to the best of my knowledge. Once fix is applied, you will be able to use mode DC (MES would still continue working too) and both of these would be consuming Data Collection license as intended from both browser and windows client.

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Thanks @Aieat_Assam for the reply.
Now that I am doing further customizations - how can I have multiple revisions of data collection available to launch?
I will have a separate customizations setup for job and material transactions.

I tried changing the sysconfig file. Maybe I did that wrong?



There is no way in the framework to define brand new launch modes right now. But I think it is a good suggestion so would recommend you raise it via Epicor Ideas - this way it is tracked and can be voted on. We already had a few features originating that way.

What I would probably do in your scenario is have a common Data Collection menu customisation and then launch specific different customisations of the child screens (such as activity screens) depending on scenario. One option could be routing customisations depending on employee flags or workstation. Or just select depending on which button on the Data Collection menu has been pressed.

When does this release intend to go out. We have had to revert back to classic MES because of this problem. We were heavily using app=MES (10.2.7) but it no longer shows an Employee ID field to login, so we couldn’t use that anymore. So we switched to the new kinetic, but it chews a full license, so now we are back to classic…


Let me confirm with my colleague who was working on this fix and get back to you. Something is telling me it is either already out or is about to be, but I’d like to tell you for certain, especially with cloud patch cadence.

I have now confirmed that the fix should have gone in as part of which was released 16th of June, just a few days ago.

tested in pilot and the fix works. supposed to hit live on the 19th

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How do I change the Start Production Activity layer? I cant find the option to open it in Application Studio.