Is there a DMT for subcontract items on Supplier Price List

I can do SPL updates and combined SPL & subcon but as these are the required fields:


I can only do both - SPL & Subcon

If you use the GUI you can have subcontract without a SPL:

501-014-014-G should be inbetween these two rows but as its not it shows that only exists in subcon list. Search is from Supplier price list section


Just use the appropriate OpCode when updating Sub and it should work as you are asking:

Hi Clint. My DMT adds both to Supplier Price List Tab and Subcontract tab. Data is correct and OPCode comes through but I would just like to add the Subcontract data without the SPL data. GUI allows me but DMT does not.

Not sure what you are meaning (asking) as you are specifically asking about SPL data as your screenshot shows (is from) the Supplier Price List and even has all required fields (DMT) in your screenshot (SPL)?

My goal is to just add to Subcontract without adding to Supplier Price list. The GUI allows me but not the DMT as the required fields imply I am adding to the SPL.

FWIW, They both exist in the same table… VendPart
Only difference is the sub will have an OpCode value. So, again, I’m not sure what you’re asking for here? As your screenshot shows you are IN the Supplier Price List:
ALL the required fields are in your screenshot except Company (always required) and VendorID (above snip):
PartNum, PUM, EffectiveDate
For subcontract only difference is the OpCode.

Thanks Clint.

I was looking at the tables as well and leaning this way myself. Seems there is no DMT to ONLY do subcon but GUI allows it. Oh well, paste/insert it is then.



If you are stating it adds an entry to both List sets even when you only DMT with:
Company, VendorID, PartNum, PUM, EffDate, OpCode

You might submit a ticket on this then as it should only appear in the subcontract section if you use an OpCode.

The DMT software requires SPL data to be mandatory which I don’t think it should be. Normally I would raise a ticket but my last day in the Epicor world is this Friday so they won;t get any further responses from me beyond that date.

Not sure what you mean requires SPL data as the same data is in the subcontract area. What data do you feel is SPL only? Please help me understand what you’re trying to say here.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

If i only want to add data to subcontract my DMT says you must supply this info as its required:


By DMT asking for that data I believe, assumption there, that I cannot add just subcon data especially as PUM is parts > detail

None of the required data is not outside the scope of just subcontract item:

Not so part does not even need to exist in the part master. The PUM = Purchasing Unit of Measure you will buy it from said supplier using. (see below) PUM is not Part > Detail , but ‘LIKE’ Part.PUM


Quoted from help:
The Purchasing Unit of measure for the Part from the vendor.
Defaulted from Part.PUM. This is used in Purchase Order entry as the default on line item details. It Overrides Part.PUM

Hi Clint,

Maybe my DMT software has different mandatory fields. My goal is to, using only DMT, add an entry here:


without populating data here:


Try this…

Enter a record manually using only the fields you want. Create a BAQ that retrieves that record with all the fields you filled in, as well as all the fields Epicor filled in for you. Export that to Excel. Change the values so a new record can be created… and try to DMT it in.

Ok here is from test server:
Part Side

Sub Side

DMT to load SUB TESTING part which does not exist in Part Master nor does it now exist in the Part tab only the Subcontract because it has an OpCode

Thanks Clint.

I have used this as my DMT:


And confirmed data only went into Subcontract. Nothing in SPL. I think my original attempt had a couple of additional fields that brought in SPL. Thanks for persevering on this and I will pass on the template internally. Also, I think this marks the 1st post on this item with a solution.


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