Is there a section in Spanish?

I suppose that, like me, many people are not good with English and come here looking some help. In technical terms I have no problems, but I do have problems expressing needs or ideas.

If the administrator thinks it is a good idea to have a section for people like me, it would be great.
sorry if i’m breaking any forum rules


We have Spanish-speaking experts here. I know one off the top of my head. His name is Joe but is goes by Jose. :thinking:

I don’t think anyone minds if you pose questions in Spanish. I’ve seen French (and French Canadian) too.

Ask away por favor!

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I can speak / read spanish fluently, also there’s google translate.

Asi que pregunta sin pena!


We used to have a translate plugin but it didn’t get used much. If it would be helpful we could put that back.

Or you could start only answering in Spanish so we all have to brush up on those high school Spanish lessons :wink:

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I had Latin in high school. Can we switch to Times New Roman?

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Gracias Jose, por ahora eh podido encontrar las soluciones a mis dudas en inglés pero lo tengo en cuenta para las próximas, hasta ahora todos mis desarrollos han sido exitosos.

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Thanks for noticing the difference!

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