Is there a way to check and see who unapproved a part?

We had an issue today where a part that wasn’t supposed to, got unapproved. I would like to know if there is a way to tell who unapproved it so that we can implement some additional training where/if required.

Thanks for any help/information.

Not unless you have change logs enabled… Do you?

We didn’t before the change, we do now!

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How do you enable change logs?

Change logs… create a DATA BPM and specify the fields you want to log… WARNING, do not log EVERY field in every table.

  • Good examples are:
  • Part Description, Part approval, etc
  • Customer credit hold & credit limits

Bad Examples:

  • Last change date in any table (change logs already track this)
  • anything that is automatically generated in mass by a system function:
    ** JobMtl, JobOpr, etc values when the job is not firmed (MRP manipulates JobMtl values, and so you get millions of change log entries if not careful. You can create a “Filter” to say to only log entries for specific user groups)
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