Issue Material screen does not have DynamicQueryAdapter available for BAQ


In the Issue Material screen, I am trying to prevent material being issued to a job’s material sequence that is marked “Direct”, indicating it has a direct link with an incoming Make To Job job.

I am trying to use a BAQ to pull in the value for JobMtl.Direct for the JobNum and MtlSeq. The problem is I cannot find the adapter for DynamicQueryAdapter that is required for the BAQ. I was following Jose Gomez’s video “Calling BAQ from Code Epicor ERP10” when I discovered it wasn’t in the list of available adapters.

Does anyone know how to pull in a value without using a BAQ in this screen?
Is there a particular reason this adapter isn’t available?


You have to bring in the reference to make it available. It’s in the reference manager, under actions. I don’t have access to Epicor anymore to get you screen shots. But once you bring that in, you will have access to it.

You may find it IS there but you haven’t scrolled down far enough.

The list is in alphabetical order, but starts afresh after the Erp.Adapters with the Ice.Adapters, and DynamicQuery is one of the latter.



I found it! Thanks for the tip!