Issue Material - [Warehouse List]

I am troubleshooting an issue where one of our stockroom personnel is trying to issue material while she is actively logged into “site B”, but the warehouse list on the Issue Material module contains warehouses from “site A”.

From our Epicor Test server (which we recently updated with production data roughly 3 weeks ago), I logged in to “site A” as the user in question. I then went to “Issue Material” and entered the appropriate job, assembly, and material numbers. Upon accessing the warehouse list, I was able to see all of the warehouses associated with “site A”. Great. This is what I had expected.

I backed out of Issue Material; then switched from “site A” to “site B”.

I went back into Issue Material and entered the exact same job, assembly, and material numbers. The warehouse list contained warehouses from the active site; “site B”. Great. Also, expected behavior.

However, when the user performs theses tasks from our production Epicor server, her warehouse list does not change from “site A” values, even when actively logged into “site B”.

The part associated with the job is assigned to “site B” – so, I’m confused, admittedly, on all of this behavior - including the expected behavior.

The user has indicated that she is expecting to see “site B” warehouses while logged into “site B”… but she is seeing “site A” warehouses instead.

Might this be an Epicor cache issue? Does anyone recognize this, perhaps, as something else?

Since Jobs are site specific, you should only be able to issue material from the same site (otherwise a transfer order is required).

Did you check Site Configuration to see if any of the warehouses in question are being shared between sites?