Issue with Mass Issue?

We seem to have lost the ability to issue purchased parts from our Mass Issue screen. We are seeing the subassemblies, just not the purchased parts within the subassemblies. They are there, but we can’t see them as individual parts when mass issuing, which creates huge delays in issuing. I have attached a couple of screen shots; one old (good), one new(bad). Our purchased part#'s all start with the number “1”. Ones with “2” and “3” would be assemblies and subassemblies.

Is anyone aware of a trigger that brings the purchased parts within those subassemblies back into view?



Is on one marked as “Pull As Assy” while the other is not?


one more thing … Why is the Qty Required on the “broken” one have all zeros?

Hello Calvin,

Both are marked identical as “Pull As Assy”. I am not sure why the “broken” one’s Qty Required has zero’s… I am going to verify of other broken ones have the same 0 for Qty required…

I noticed that throughout all the subassemblies (parts that start with a 2 in the part#) show up as qty required as 0, in both the good and the bad screenshots. The purchased parts are the parts that have the Qty required.

You sure that the jobs have Qty’s required entered, and that there weren’t any prior issuing of parts? And that parts aren’t set for backflush.

I’ll s the “Include Subassemblies” checkbox selected on the Job/Assemblies tab? That should bring in the lower level materials.

It’s checked…

Do any inventoried parts show up on any Mass Issue now?

Make a test job consisting of just inventoried parts, and only 1 level deep. Then see what the Mass Issue looks like for that job. You don’t have to actually do the mass issue, just see what shows up.

Next, I try a job that makes one of the sub assemblies (one that is just 1 level it self), to see if that jobs stocked parts show.