Issuing a credit in Mexico

Good afternoon all,

We have recently set up additional operations in Mexico and using Epicor in this environment has been difficult to say the least.

Because of their requirement to “stamp” all invoices issued, it is a problem to issue a credit note where there has been no return of product, say by a price change or a freight credit for example.

Epicor uses numerical consecutive invoice numbers and there really is no way around it. So, it you have unapplied cash, it issues an invoice number. We can’t have that one stamped.

They did provide some kind of work around which involved disabling Digital Tax Receipts, issuing the credit note and then re-enabling the Digital Tax Receipts or something like that.

Unfortunately that didn’t work as we received an error message about disabling the Digital Tax Receipts.

Does anyone else have any experience working with Mexican invoice processing? How do you get around this?

Thanks for any and all help.

Kerry Travis
INPS Mexico

Good afternoon,
I have some knowlegment with version 10.2.600 but below you will see some recommendations that I’ve been using to accomplish with the Invoice/CM here in mexico.

If you want to process a credit memo with NO return of product (RMA), you can use the process “Create Invoice cancellation” in actions. This option helps to generate a credit memo stamped related to a previous invoice and then customer shipment will be enable to correct any info in the new invoice or you can process a credit memo “miscellaneous” in “New” to generate a credit memo but you would need to enter all the mexican requirements manually (SAT codes).

A couple a years ago, I had issues with unapplied cash invoices (No stamp). What I did was stop to using that option for deposits pending to apply. Instead of this, I’ve been using deposit billing invoice process (Stamped) to generate the advance deposit invoice here in mexico. BUT in this process you won’t be seeing the unapplied cash in the aged receivable reports and it is a little bit longer to manage than unapplied cash (Deposit billing-credit memo deposit billing-Regular invoice).

Turn off the Digital tax receipt was a good option to clear my unapplied cash with invoices No stamped but it’s not good to do it while other users are issuing invoices while it is disabled.

Good luck :wink:

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