IUM Changed Automatically when Track Serial Number


We are trying to implement Serial Track. One surprise I got when was trying this in Part Entry.
When I tick Track Serial Number checkbox then in IUM, its automatically changing to MM. Earlier it was PCS.
I am not getting why its changing it by default. Any input would be appreciable. Thank You.

Kindly note, the serial number tracking does not allow UOM which is set up with decimal places.

In your case, MM might be setup as non decimal UOM, hence it is defaulting to the same.
Cross check UOM master.


Thanks for reply.
Yes. It is true that serial number track wont allow Decimal. Already for MM, its not allowed. I mean its untick only in MM. My issue is that why in Part Entry, when track serial number is tick, its replacing PCS to MM . Is there any setting /configuration to do this…

PCS might allow decimal places, so its getting replaced with MM.

Hello Ajay,
We are also facing the same issue, Please let me know whether the same is resolved , if yes kindly share how the same is resolved or not .
Thanks in advance.