JCDept Error @ Bill of Operations DMT

Upgraded to 10.2.400.4 over the weekend (from 10.1.500.4x) - when performing a DMT within the Bill of Operation, we are now receiving this new error but cannot determine how to resolve to be able to push data?

Error: JCDept is neither a DataColumn nor a DataRelation for table

Did anyone receive this after the upgrade and if so, thoughts on how you resolved the issue to push data to the BOO?



Do you have JCDept in your DMT template? The department is assigned on the Resource Group, but shouldn’t be in the actual Bill of Operations template.

No, we do not, we are using the same template that we used in 10.1.500 but all of the sudden it’s triggering the need for the department - we are baffled as the department isn’t even an option to apply data to within the BOO file? We attempted to add it as a new column as a “what will it do” test and of course it told us it was an invalid option.

Did you download the newest template for the BOO DMT?

When this happens to us I contact Epicor support. They have told me to use prior versions of the DMT tool only for this template. I would call support unless @tsmith has an idea.

Yes, well, I believe I am answering correctly, Application, LIC File and Application Extension are up to date to the 10.2

Yeah it sounds like you have downloaded the most recent BOO template from the DMT tool… that is what I am referencing. There is a little button in the DMT application that lets you download the template for the DMT and you can check the required fields and any additional fields you wish to update.

I would contact Epicor on this one.