Job Appears Locked but Isnt

has anyone seen a job that appears locked but isnt? This is regarding using the job scheduling board. The job is active and not locked but the operations cannot be changed/rescheduled.

I assume you allow the reschedule of started operations? Just checking to be sure. Not sure how often operations get started and stopped without being complete.

very good question, we definitely would want to do that, where can I verify this table/field?

if this helps, it does appear that when the job seems “locked” you cannot reschedule any of the operations and I know for sure that not all of the operations are started and not completed but it is likely that at least one is (although all of them seem locked)

None of the operations have the ResourceTimeUsed_Lock as “yes”

Try turning on the scheduling debug log and then manually reschedule the job. The log often shows the issue.

A. Mercer Sisson
A M Sisson - Consulting, LLC

thank you, sorry to seem like an infant but this debug log toggle is where?

I am not chasing something I normally do.

@Zachow This is the checkbox I am referring too in Company Configuration

Not sure this will fix your problem but wanted to make sure it wasn’t your issue.

thank you, I will check

It is in the company or system config and is new in E10. The logs are written in the server.

A. Mercer Sisson
A M Sisson - Consulting, LLC

The log setting is not the one Josh is showing. I’m not at my computer right now so I can’t send you an image right now.

The one Josh is suggesting could cause the issue if your ops have any time recorded against them.

A. Mercer Sisson
A M Sisson - Consulting, LLC

I understand

He has suggested a company setting, not the same thing you have suggested

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thank you, can you help me find the log (particular directory or naming convention)?