Job Assemblies Costs in Lower Level section discrepancies

Has anyone had a scenario where the Job Assemblies Costs in the Lower Level section are incorrect? Job Tracker > Job Details > Assemblies > Costs
We have one job (See attached screen shots) where in our Pilot environment the Lower Level section is populated but in our Live environment this setup contains 0 in all but Material and the Material value doesn’t match what is shown in Pilot.
2503-47 Screen shots for User Group.docx (232.6 KB)
In our live environment there have been several changes made to this job since our Pilot environment was refreshed so we suspect one of these changes caused this but cannot figure out which one. Is there a way to refresh these Costs?

Std. conversion program is available to fix this.

Do you happen to know which program? Is it the 620 Job Assembly Cost Roll-Up?

Yes, try that. If that doesn’t work, then run Repair JobOper Hours and Costs. Please run Repair JobOper Hours and Costs in test and see the results before running in live as it will create GL transactions if it fixes the data


Thanks - we had already tried running the Repair JobOper Hours and Costs which did not resolve.

I verified with Epicor Support that the conversion program is 620 Job Assembly Cost Roll-Up. In process of attempting to recreate issue in Pilot and running there first.

Does anyone know how/why these costs get off?

After closing last year, we found ~$2m total discrepancy.

We fixed with Repair JobOper (had to un-close projects), Conversion 620, and 3 datafixes provided by Epicor.

But this was just a bandaid. I would much rather know where these errors are coming from.

For others, attached BAQ will show you any job cost roll-up errors you may have.
AA_JobCostBug.baq (26.6 KB)

Don’t be shy to post your results… this might be a big deal.