Job Closing Exception Tracker - "No estimated operation quantity available."

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to work through our Job Closing Exception Tracker and one of the issues is No estimated operation quantity available. Has anyone had this same issue and/or knows how to fix it?

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Jonathon,

I encountered a similar sounding issue but the wording was different.

Do you MRP to create jobs?

Hi Matt,

No we don’t currently.


Our situation was different as we use MRP but for the amount of time I spent working with Epicor support I am convinced we encountered a bug.

If you a working with a part that has multiple sub assemblies just make sure the first operation is Finish to Start.

I personally did not apply the fix but someone had to manually check and amend a multi-level BOM structure to resolve.

Just curious how big are your BOMs roughly?

Hi Matt,

Our BOMs are very simple. Generally just materials and one operation. We do have sub-assemblies.

Did you look at the first operation to see if it was Finish to Start?