Job closing refresh button

For some reason the refresh button in Job Closing always appears grayed out. Is this a bug or an expected behavior. We are in 9.05.700c


Last I spoke with Epicor support/development, I was told that this was intentional behaviour. The button was permanently disabled since Development didn’t implement the refresh functionality for the program. We were told this was a design choice, and they had no plans currently to change this.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Jason, Thanks!

No worries!

If you have Job Completion / Closing open, and you make any changes to the job in Job Entry, when you Complete/Close the job, those changes can be lost! Eg changes to fields on JobHead. So be sure to close and reopen a fresh Job Completion screen after making any final changes to the job.

Posting this here as this took up a few hours of my day, couldn’t find anything in KB or this forum.