Job Cost

Trying to BAQ JobCost. I am using the fields ThisLevel, Etc. and it matches the Total cost in job tracker, but what does “this level” mean? How do I know I am getting the correct data?

I don’t know E9, and I have been enjoying reading about your exploits in retrograding, but anyhow…

In E10, I am thinking of the JobAsmbl table and the TLA and LLA fields (Mtl, labor, burden, mtl burden, subcontract, etc.).

So for Assembly zero, TLA is the costs direct to Asm 0 and LLA is the costs on any subassemblies. I think you can do that at any level of a multi-level job BOM, but I’ve never had a need for anything but Asm 0.

And then if you do or don’t do split mfg elements, it will also record the components’ cost components as reference, too.

Are you saying E9 has a “JobCost” table?

You are correct sir. How confusib=ng but I got it.