Job Entry - Rework Operation

In Job Entry is there anywhere to enter a Rework Reason Code when creating a new operation marked as rework? On the MES when a worker starts an operation marked as a rework, they must select the reason code before starting. But the worker may not know the reason for the rework, we need to communicate this when the job operation is created. Perhaps auto filling the reason code when the worker starts the activity. Any ideas?

Communicate to the operator using the job comments? Reading the comments would give that person the reason for the rework.


as @CTCharlie said, or create a general rework reason code something like [General Rework] and ask everyone to use it.

Thanks for the input. I was hoping Epicor had more on this. Perhaps the comments is the best way. Thanks

yes you can add a BPM or Customisation to auto populate the reason code field at Start Rework activity, but why ? as per what you said staff do not know what they are going to do and thereby the reason is unknown at this point.