Job Head Attachments

We just migrated to 10.1.500.11 and noticed we cannot add attachments to engineered or closed jobs. We do have the Prevent Changes for Change Engineered Jobs option selected in our Company Configuration and we need to keep it that way since it is a requirement to create an audit log when engineering a job. Our company has always had this option selected and was still able to add attachments to engineered or closed jobs. We use attachments heavily for engineered or closed jobs and are in somewhat of a bind. I contacted Epicor and found out this was apparently considered a bug and was “fixed” in 10.1.500.7.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can get past this? I have custom code on a button using web services that will automatically attach a pdf from our network based on job number. However, it fails on jobEntry.Update as it is hitting the business logic error at that point. Any ideas?