Job Manager-BPM

In Vantage 8.03.404,I am trying to create a BPM for job manager to create a job from the approved sales order only.
1. I have created one checkbox01 for approval in sales order release and sales order header table.
2. If the checkbox01 is checked the sales order is considered to be approved.
3. In BPM, I tried the method: JobManager.CreateJob
Conditions:number of rows in the 'for each orderrel where orderrel.checkbox01=false' query is not less than 1
Actions: raise exception based on the order not approved template
Using the above condition and action, it shows the exceptional message for all sales orders irrespective whether approved or not.
If anybody could help me on the above BPM or anyother way to achive my goal, it will be more useful.
Thanks in advance

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