Job manager showing double demand and cannot create Job

Doing some testing with parts mfg’d in one Site (MfgSys) but shipped from anoter (GUTH).

Here’s what I did

  1. On SO (launched from site MfgSys),
    1.1 Entered a Mfg’d part (Part’s Qty Bearing = TRUE), with QTY 5
    1.1 On the Release, set the from Site and WH to be GUTH, (it’s not Make Dir or BTO)
  2. In Transfer Order Entry (launched from GUTH), created a TO for Qty of 5 from Site MfgSys
  3. Launched Job Manager in MfgSys (where it is to be Mfg’d), and it shows:


This kind of makes sense as the demand shows
(GUTH is where it ships from and MfgSys is where it’s made)
I assume the 5 from MfgSys is to fulfill the TO request from GUTH

But the Demand, Supply, Supply Links, and Demand Links are all bare and their buttons disabled.
Is this because the Item is not really related to the SO, because the Make To Order is unchecked?

Can this job only be created by making a new job from Job Entry?
Ideally, the Job Num would maintain the Ord-Line-Release format.