Job material cost error

Hi all, please let me know why all material cost are centrally allocated to the last lot of product received from Job?

Did you backflush at job closing?

no, we didn’t set backflush and you can see the below picture that burden unit cost can function well. In case there is something in setting, please advise how to fix it, thx

What is the costing method configured.
Check once the total cost in the Job tracker.

hi, here’s the job cost details as below, we recheck the above problem happen when we issue materials less than estimated materials. In case, we issue all materials, it can function as normal. please advise. thanks

What is the costing method configured.
Does all the raw materials issued ?
Because in the cost details screen shot i can see few of the material sequence "Material Mtl.Cost " is zero.

I have followed the below steps, and is working fine.

  • created make to stock production job to produce part “A” 2 pieces.

  • Two operations

  • Two raw materials
    * B = required quantity 2 (USD 11 is unit cost)
    * C = required quantity 2(USD 11 is unit cost)

  • Issued raw materials one each which totals up material cost 22

  • Time entry posted for 2 operations to record part “A” 1 quantity produced.

  • Used “Job receipt to inventory” and received the produced quantity to stock.

  • Reviewed part tracker and transaction history tracker, Unit cost recorded is USD 22.

  • Costing method used is “Average”