Job Number

We have parts we hold in stock and then we ship as the orders come in. We do not make the Jobs with those orders, but instead run a report to see what was order that are stock or consignment parts and then make a big order to suit. With that in mind, this report doesn’t pull all the job numbers; however it shows up in Job manager. But as I go to thinking Job manger shows the orders associated with that part number and the jobs to fulfill the demand. So since these jobs are not tied directly to an order number they will not populate in the report as we are also pulling order numbers. Does this sound correct? If so, any way to fix that?

wcvinyltestE10.baq (60.2 KB)

Any input is greatly appreciated.

You can do an outer join in your BAQ in the link between jobs and orders. That way jobs with and without orders will get pulled in.

I don’t know how to open the BAQ file type, might be helpful to paste your BAQ code in the thread.

Also, try reading the ICE Tools to learn BAQ basics. It talks about outer joins, criteria, and other basic functions.