Job Open Quantity

Is there a field that shows the quantity left to produce on a job without using a calculation?


JobPart.WIPQty will show you what is remaining in WIP which is what is left to produce.
JobProd.WIPqty will do show you the same thing.

look here…

or look here…

it depends on your demand link on your job…


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Thanks that worked. How about PO Open_qty rather than having to calculate. Am trying to keep queries as simple as possible.

i dont know of top of my head about open PO qty. I would say set PORel.OpenRelease = True
But if you have partial qty already received, then the qty would not be accurate.
I usually use these 3 criterias:

PORel.OpenRelease = True
PORel.VoidRelease = False
OpenQty (calculated field) = (PORel.RelQty - PORel.ReceivedQty)