Job Operation Complete issue

I have read several topic related to it but no solution. 1 out of 3 operation does not show green tick mark.

  1. in job tracker you see column complete & Operation complete tick marked.
  2. Job Run Qty 1 and Qty completed 1.
  3. However the green tick is missing.
  4. in job completion exception detail is shows operation not completed.

is it EPICOR bug or it is a real issue?

So, How to fix this ? what problem will it cause if we close/complete the job?


Do you have setup time or first article inspection that is not completed?

No We does not have that time all simple operation with specific hours.


In the past when all the records have been good and I can confirm it is just a display issue, then in my case I’ve not had any problems with simply closing the job.

When I have time to kill then (sometimes) I have been able to fix icon discrepancies by toggling values while saving records. Sorry I remember any specific field… just remember hunting and pecking and (eventually) hitting the right one.

Ref I attached copy and screenshot below of simple dashboard that I use
to check for simple stuff before I start playing around with value toggling.

Thanks Bruce,

worst case I will close the job with Exception. Just only I don’t want to create any costing trouble by doing this.
but I really wanted to know why system is showing like this? if its bug then EPICOR needs to fix it.


If you can verify the records are OK and what you are seeing is just a false positive/negative… then yes, a bug. I’ve run across this a few times in the past.

But… these can be very hard to reproduce - so that when I’ve contacted tech support in the past, they’ve not had much luck explaining/fixing.

Guessing these occur when either there was an odd entry sequence or some kind of interruption during processing that left some temp/calculated field populated… or not.
Which would explain why (sometimes) simply toggling/saving records can clear/reset the display.

I know I tracked down the cause of one issue by sitting and watching a users entry sequence… a long time ago so I can’t remember any specifics now.

Thanks Bruce. I think so its not a mistake but something got interrupted during posting.