Job Operation Due Dates Moved - No Idea Why

We went live on Kinetic 2022.1.5 in September. We run MRP in batch at night with the same parameters we always had (no finite schedule, no scheduling in past).

This morning, we were missing a few hundred past due hours. I’m trying to figure out how that happened.

It looks like some operations were rescheduled but the job due dates stayed the same. We do not run global scheduling and only security managers have access to the screen - confidence level is high someone didn’t accidentally kick it off.

I was seeing entries in our MRP log for "Job ###### is expedited from old date to new date. These jobs were all firm so I’m surprised it actually moved dates instead of giving an exception message. I doubt this was happening all along, or we would have run into this problem months ago.

I was able to do some vlookups between extracts for shop load between yesterday and today (good old Excel) and use the DMT to reschedule the ~400 jobs back which put the operations back into past due.

Change log doesn’t show any updates. No DMTs done on these jobs yesterday or this morning.

Any one have suggestions on other things to check? Not only to root cause, but to make sure I don’t run into the same problem tomorrow morning…


I would try setting SchedLocked on JobHead

We were hoping to avoid setting the schedule lock, so we get exception messages and don’t have to add a BPM. Fortunately it only happened the one time. I suspect something was mass rescheduled and putting it down as a “fluke” for now.

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