Job Operation sequence and timing - Start Of Next Day

We have multiple locations for production, but one QC lab. Samples from a job are sent to the QC lab at end of day to be tested next day. How can the engineering of a part be set up to have a release time of these samples be Start of Next Day? Release time of an operation appears to be in hours. Do we have to manually move the QC operation for each job during scheduling to be the start of the next day (either backwards or forwards)?


Adding Queue Time to your QC resource group / resources MIGHT be the answer. These are constant non load hours that will added to all operations on the given resource.

I don’t remember how exactly this acts in relation to the production calendar, but I think if a normal production day is 8 hours and your add 8 hours of queue time it will always push the op out to the day after the preceding op.

Thanks Zak

I will give that a try.

I will make the queue time greater than the 8 hours the calendar has for working hours (e.g. let’s say 9 hours).

If the QT then takes into account the non-working hours it would have the QC operation schedule for start of next day.

If the QT does not take into account the non-working hours it would then be 1 to 9 hours into the next day.

I hope it is the former of these two outcomes. That is if my understanding of Queue Time is correct.


Did a quick test, and it looks like QT is limited to the production calendar. Probably wont be able to get the exact start times working but you should be able to get to fall on the correct day. I would suggest making a production calendar specifically for QC. It should double the hours of your regular calendar (16 hours instead of 8). The extra 8 hours is reserved for Queue time then.

Thanks, will look into the two calendar option and queue time