Job Operation Update

Hello Everyone,

We created many jobs without having an any operations. I need to add one common operation in the all jobs (500+) as a mass update. Is it possible to update by Updatable BAQ or DB backend?
It would be grateful if you have any thoughts to update in a one short by using any simple mechanism.

The Engineering “Mass Update” programs will REPLACE an existing operation (or material or resource group) on methods of manufacture, but they do NOT do anything with already-created jobs… and even then you would have to have an operation on the job to replace (which it sound like you don’t).

The only solution I can see here is the DMT (Data Migration Tool).

DMT isn’t the only solution. But it is the BEST solution.

It might require two passes. The first to add the Operation to each job, and the second to set the existing material to that operation.


I tested trying to just add an Opr with Seq = 0 (because the Job’s Mtls have RelatedOpr =0). But that doesn’t work.

Have to set JobOpr.OprSeq > 0. Then go back and update all the JobMtl.RelatedOperation to the value used for JobOpr.OprSeq

Thank you, The jobs which do not have any operation at all then how to replace the existing operation? There is no existing operation in the jobs which is more than 500+. jobs.

That’s the problem, you can’t since there isn’t an existing operation. This would be a job for the DMT (or @ckrusen mentions he may know another method).

If I couldn’t use DMT, my next method of attack would be making a uBAQ of the JobOpr table. Then you could Paste Insert into the table.


again this would take passes (with two uBAQs)